Ancient Freckle Removers – Get Rid of Freckles the Natural Way

no more freckles - how to remove freckles naturally and fast

Do you want to get rid of freckles from your face or skin instantly? Then follow what the Irish recommend: anoint your face with the blood of a bull or hare and your problems will be over!

Is this too challenging for you? Read this safety measure in the Filipinos: do not eat barbecue or any foods that are fried on Good Friday which means you will not have freckles.

While doctors state that freckles are harmless and do not signify any adverse health problem, many people do not want them. That’s understandable as these pigment cells will make you look ugly and old which no one wants. Possibly for this reason our forefathers attempted anxiously to get rid of the freckles. No question they created these silly superstitious beliefs about freckles – most of which survive even today.

The Encyclopedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and also the Occult Sciences around the globe printed in 1903 provides a fascinating glimpse into early man’s obsession with freckles and the need to remove them. It states that freckles near the eyes means you’ll drown to dying!

To lift this curse (and get rid of freckles), the writer provides a number of options. You are able to wash within the dew before sunrise around the freckles in the beginning of May. If you read through this now and recognized it’s already October, visit a graveyard and wash the face in almost any urn you discover there. The 3rd choice is an alternative from the first – wash with dew from wheat before sunrise.

If wheat is a concern, young lilies from the valley collected before sunrise works equally well. Rub them in your face to remove freckles. A simpler strategy is to count your freckles, wrap exactly the same quantity of pebbles in a paper, and dispose of it. Whomever accumulates that paper will inherit your freckles!

The final advice is reincarnated within The All New Book of Lists for Children by Sandra and Harry Choron. A classic folk cure suggests rubbing your freckles with a cent and tossing it away. Poor soul who finds the cent will get your freckles! Or mix buttermilk with fresh lemon juice and apply this on your face using a live frog!

Ovid, probably the most broadly read Roman poet, suggested the Pharian wash for freckles. This exotic scrub is made of crocodile entrails and it was certain that it will whiten your skin. The Spanish people, however, thought that rainwater available on tombstones is a superb freckle fighter.

In Superstitions: 10,000 You Actually Need edited by William Carroll, youngsters are cautioned to not pop the seedpods from the maple tree into one another’s faces or they’ll soon develop into freckles. March snow water or fresh lemon juice is stated to be good freckle removers. If you’re able to stomach it, a far more effective cure is washing the face with your own urine or smearing it with cow manure. A baby’s wet diaper may also do.

Fortunately, we’re many years from our forefathers with regards to fighting and getting rid of freckles. Today, there exists a number of anti-freckle creams which are effective and safe. Many of these products are simple to use and may lighten freckles during a period of time. A well known choice is a great skin whitening product such as the one at , a whitening cream that eliminates freckles, unsightly dark spots, sun spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. When utilized as directed, it’ll balance uneven skin color and illuminate the skin. For more information, visit how to remove freckles blog.

How to Remove Freckles from Face Naturally

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