Don’t Stress Over Freckles

How to Avoid Getting Freckles

Sunlight helps the body in producing vitamin D and also helps in the growth of red blood cells. You must have heard of the saying “Too much of anything is bad”. Same is the case with sunlight, too much exposure to which increases the chances of skin cancer and many other diseases. To protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiations, the Malpighian cells of the outer skin release a darn brown pigment known as melanin which appears as a good tan or in other cases, as a crop of freckles.

Freckles do not have any harmful effect on the body, and many people are happy about having them. The appearance of freckles on the skin indicates the skin’s inability to produce enough amount of pigment to protect itself from the harmful radiations of sunlight. This problem is more prominent in people of light or fair complexion having little melanin pigment presence and they should be the ones to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, which can increase their chances of getting freckles. People with dark skin don’t have to worry about this problem as they have enough amount of melanin present in their bodies, and staying in the sun is not so much of a problem for them.

Freckles are generally small in size, flat, pigmented spots which appear on the skin of a person. The color of freckles vary from red to tan to brown, and thus people call them red freckles, sun freckles etc. Freckles are not like birthmarks, and are not present at the time of birth. It is afterwards they start developing in an individual during his childhood or later years, because of exposure to sun. Freckles occur mainly in the areas of the body which are exposed to the sun, such as the nose, shoulders, and other facial parts. A lot of cures for removing or getting rid of freckles are proposed ranging from the ridiculous methods to outright deceiving products. Removal of freckles is not a big deal and can be achieved easily by some people using the natural remedies which they can prepare at home. Some of the home remedies to remove or lighten the freckles include the use of lemon juice, salt, buttermilk, or yogurt and are generally known as the home freckle removers. They do not guarantee complete removal of freckles, but the freckles get lighter because of their mild bleaching effect. In order to avoid getting freckles, one needs to avoid needless exposure to the sunlight. If you want to know more home remedies for getting rid of freckles from face and other body parts, then you should consider visiting the site which have a lot of material about skin care.

Skin Creams to Get Rid of Freckles & Skin Spots

There are plenty of skin creams and lotions which protects one from the harmful effects of the sunlight or the ultraviolet rays, and a skin specialist will suggest you the best suited product for you based on your skin type. Also, there are many cosmetics available which you can use for makeup to hide freckles if you feel them as annoying.

It’s better to avoid skin-peeling techniques unless administered by a competent doctor, because these techniques make use of poisonous substances which may do more harm than good to one’s skin. Don’t rely or follow the advice of your next door neighbor or a beauty consultant about freckles and skin care. A visit to a good dermatologist will save you a lot of money and worry in the long run.

When freckles persist and change into large, rough, scaly spots, they must be brought to the doctor’s or dermatologist’s attention immediately for this may signal the start of skin cancer. Again, these “senile freckles,” as they are called, are best cured by avoiding direct exposure to sunlight or the application of cold cream. If they don’t work for you, then the doctor will find other effective ways to remove them.

“Freckles rarely develop into skin cancer. However, freckles are especially common in people with light skin or people having fair complexion, and having light skin that burns easily increases your risk of getting skin cancer. Also, some skin cancer in their earliest stages resembles a freckle,” warned the Mayo Clinic.

To keep the skin young, wrinkle-free, and soft, use skin whitening forever, which teaches you to keep your skin in good condition. For more details, check out the blog at get rid of freckles.


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